Wildfire Relief: Needs and Updates

Categories: Emergency Assistance
Date: Monday, September 14 2020


If you need help: Resources for evacuees can be found here or by calling 541-682-3977 (Lane County Government)

The successful collaboration between McKenzie River Trust, St. Vincent de Paul Society, and Lane County Government, with support from United Way of Lane County at 2699 Roosevelt Blvd. Wildfire Relief Center has afforded emergency response the ability to shift into the next phase and divert resources to other locations and organizations.
We are incredibly grateful for the enormous generosity that has been given towards those in crisis due to the wildfires! The highly efficient and awesome volunteers have helped sort, process, and distribute good to those in need, and we cannot say thank you enough for their patience and hard work!
We encourage our community to begin diverting their support to the Red Cross.
St. Vincent de Paul is now shifting focus to long term response in collaboration with local government and other nonprofit partner organizations.
Continue to support your neighbors in need, and stay safe! Thank you!


Thank you for your incredible support! Remember to stay safe by wearing a mask and washing your hands often.