St. Vinnie's Car Lot offers decent rides at affordable prices.
St. Vinnie's Car Lot offers decent rides at affordable prices.

Have some fun. Save some money. Do something nice for your neighbors. Shop St. Vinnie's.


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Most St. Vinnie's stores have reopened since the COVID-19 emergency.
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St. Vinnie’s Vehicle Donation Program

1175 State Hwy 99 N Eugene, OR 97402
Hours: Mon-Sat: 9:30am-6:00pm
Donate that vehicle, boat, RV, motorcycle, paddleboard...
help a neighbor in need.
Call Toll Free:
1-888-227-8223 or 541-607-4541 or

contact us online
Visit us at 1175 Hwy 99N in Eugene, across from the Gilbert Shopping Center.

Did we mention motorcycles? Now you Know.

Buy used and save on many car-care items.

Check out our updated showroom for products, parts, tires, rims, and more.
  • It's fast -- 15 minutes max for paperwork that we do for you.
  • It's effective -- you'll get a better tax deduction* because there's no middleman or auction involved.
  • It's easy -- just bring in your vehicle or we'll have it towed. We'll document your donation for tax purposes.
  • It's Earth-friendly -- if your vehicle isn't salable we'll recycle it responsibly and you can still receive tax benefits.

We accept cars, trucks, motorcycles, RV's, boats and some non-motorized recreational units. All proceeds from the sale of vehicles and recycled accessories and materials benefit St. Vinnie's charitable programs, including emergency assistance and shelter, and affordable housing.

We accept donations of vehicles whether they run or not.

Call Today 541-607-4541

*Federal tax law allows donors to take a standard deduction for their vehicle OR the amount the recipient charity gets for its sale. When you donate to St. Vinnie's you cut out any "middlemen" and are likely to get a higher tax deduction than if your vehicle were sold through an auction.  Consult your tax professional to determine your eligibilty.

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